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RPAS in Canada refers to a Remote Piloted Aircraft System also know as a Drone or UAV


Volterra Drone Solutions offers a 1 day (8 hour) Recurrent Training Course that meets the Transport Canada standard under the Canadian Aviation Regulation 901.56 and 901.65 Recency Requirements for small remotely piloted aircraft (VLOS) — Basic and Advanced Operations that covers the subjects set out in section 921.04 of Standard 921.

This course is designed for experienced drone pilots that hold a Basic or Advanced Certificate. Transport Canada regulation states that no RPAS pilots shall operate a remotely piloted aircraft system under this Division unless the holder has, within the 24 months preceding the flight, completed the Recency Requirements outlined in the regulation.

This course will refresh your knowledge and skills of RPAS operations, regulations and procedures. Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with the latest updates in the industry and ensure that you are up-to-date with any changes made by Transport Canada.

control panel and drone on the board with the chalk, drone training

RPAS RECURRENT TRAINING COURSE - (8 hour, In person training course)

Price : $299.99+gst (CAD) per person

[Minimum 4 students or more must be registered to run a course]

**Additional fees apply for the optional module 5 see below**


Prerequisites: Been issued a Basic or Advanced pilot certificate — small remotely piloted aircraft (VLOS)


NOTE: Volterra Drone Solutions is based in the Edmonton Capital Region and offers Training Canada Wide. Travel and lodging fees may apply if training is requested outside of 175 km radius from Edmonton. This course is currently only offered in English.


Our course provides a total of 8 hours of in class with the option of extending the course for practical instruction lead by experienced drone pilots with years of experience in the industry.

Upon successful completion of this course, pilots satisfy the recency requirement established by Transport Canada and will have the necessary knowledge to operate a RPAS at their current certificate level. This course is a crucial step in maintaining currency and being compliant with Transport Canada regulation.

The 8 hour in person Recurrent Training Course covers the following topics:

  • Module 1: Air Law

  • Module 2: Meteorology

  • Module 3: Human Factors

  • Module 4: Flight Operations

Optional addition: (contact us for pricing)

  • Module 5: Practical Flight Training (8+ Hours)


Course Duration: 8 hrs Classroom Training Time and optional Practical Field Training Time


Total: 8 hours

Upon successful completion of this drone course, you will receive a Volterra Recurrent Training Course certificate for covering the above knowledge requirements (This is not the official Transport Canada pilot certificate, only Transport Canada has jurisdiction to issue permits. However you are required to hold this certificate as your proof of meeting the recency requirements.)

Contact us if you have any questions.


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Our Online courses are currently under development our team is working hard to offer a wide variety of courses including an Advanced Ground School, Recency Courses and Operations Manager Courses. 

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