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Operational Readiness

Equipped, Empowered, Enabled

At Volterra Drone Solutions, our Drone Program Development service forms the backbone of our comprehensive suite of offerings, working hand in hand with our training and response team to elevate the safety and operational efficiency of your drone operations. These three elements combined empower you with an all-encompassing approach to leveraging drone technology.

Drone DJI Inspire 1 with Camera



Explore our various solutions to enhance the safety, proficiency, and operational efficiency of your drone usage.


Inspector engineering concept; Engineer inspect and checking solar panel by Drone at solar

Volterra's drone program development offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to boost your drone capabilities. Their expert team evaluates your current program or requirements, conducts detailed analysis of the airspace and your specific needs, and provides a thorough breakdown of the steps needed to launch your drone program. SFOC application assistance is also available, if needed.


Engineers on Solar Roof

Our Training is designed to equip pilots with the necessary skills and proficiency for Advanced Operations. Training includes Ground School, Recency Training, Flight Reviews, and ROC-A certification. Each of these offerings is designed in accordance with Transport Canada's recommended procedures and standards, ensuring your pilots stay up-to-date with the latest operational guidelines. 


firefighter flying rescue big drone

Our Drone Response Team offers a highly specialized service tailored to meet a variety of industry needs. Our team of certified pilots is equipped with advanced drone technology that’s versatile and adaptable. They are experienced in providing rapid response in critical situations such as disaster management or emergency response, as well as delivering reliable support to various other sectors.

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