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At Volterra Drone Solutions, we offer comprehensive training programs to ensure you are prepared not only for the skies but also for regulatory compliance. Our Advanced Ground School program provides participants with a solid foundation of knowledge in Canadian Aviation Regulations, meteorology, air navigation, and radio communication.


To maintain a high level of competency among pilots, we offer Pilot Recency training, which serves to refresh critical flying skills and update pilots on any regulatory changes. Finally, our Flight Reviews are conducted by experienced instructors who assess a pilot's ability to operate drones safely and efficiently, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


This holistic training approach ensures our clients are fully prepared to conduct drone operations safely and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Person flying a Drone
Our Ground School Course Syllabus has been accepted by Transport Canada and meets the requirements of TP 15263 

Our Company name and contact details can be found on the Transport Canada Self-Declared RPAS Training Providers List (Click Here)


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Our course offers an immersive In-person Ground School that surpasses Transport Canada's minimum required hours of drone training. Our course offers 40 hours of in-class and practical training with a focus on your agencies needs. The course price also includes a Flight Review and ROC-A certification. With this comprehensive course your pilots will be operationally certified for Advanced Operations.


Our Flight Review services represent an essential part of our offerings, conducted by our diligent team of pilots who are certified Flight Reviewers by Transport Canada. These services are designed to assess the proficiency of drone pilots, ensuring they meet the necessary safety and operational standards. Our reviewers' extensive training and expertise guarantee a comprehensive evaluation, providing you with the confidence to engage in Advanced Operations.


Our in-person Recency Training for Pilots is specifically designed around Transport Canada's recommended training procedures. This program keeps pilots abreast with the latest operational standards, ensuring they maintain their proficiency and uphold safety regulations. It is a refreshing course that reinforces crucial knowledge and enhances the practical skills necessary for Advanced Operations.


The Radio Operator Certificate Aeronautical (ROC-A) assessment is a pivotal part of our drone training course. Conducted by our certified assessors, this key evaluation ensures that drone pilots have mastered the necessary communication and operational skills to navigate the radio frequencies used in drone operations. This certification is an essential requirement for Advanced Operations, reinforcing the safety and efficiency of your drone operations.


Our Online courses are currently under development our team is working hard to offer a wide variety of courses including an Advanced Ground School, Recency Courses and Operations Manager Courses. 

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