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firefighters extinguish dry grass aerial view from a drone





At Volterra Drone Solutions Inc, we are redefining the boundaries of aerial technology. We are a centrally located Alberta based company. Our strategic location provides us the ability to respond and assist agencies and industry clients in western Canada. Our pilots are certified RPAS Advanced Operators with Transport Canada, equipped with state-of-the-art drone technology, deliver rapid and reliable service, offering invaluable support in critical situations.

Our offerings also encompass operational readiness and ongoing training, elevating drone safety and operational efficiency. We are committed to empowering our clients with a comprehensive approach to leveraging drone technology.

Police officers flying a drone for emergency response

At Volterra Drone Solutions, we envision a future where drone technology is seamlessly integrated into various industries, fostering enhanced efficiency, safety, and compliance with Transport Canada Regulations. Our mission is to empower businesses and government agencies with comprehensive, tailored drone solutions, unifying our diverse aviation expertise with a commitment to customer-centric service. We strive to lead in the drone consulting landscape, enhancing operational capabilities while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards for our clients across Canada.

Pilot using a ground control station attached to a tv in the back of vehicle


Drone Program Development

Volterra's drone program development provides a wide range of services aimed at enhancing your drone capabilities. Their team of experts evaluates your existing program or requirements, conducts a thorough analysis of the airspace and your specific needs, and offers a detailed breakdown of the necessary steps to initiate your drone program. Additionally, they also offer assistance with SFOC applications as required.

UAV Control Center
Inspector engineering concept; Engineer inspect and checking solar panel by Drone at solar
control panel and drone on the board with the chalk, drone training
Diverse Team of Specialists Pilot Drone on Construction Site. Architectural Engineers

Our comprehensive training program is specifically designed to provide pilots with the essential skills and proficiency required for advanced operations. The training encompasses Ground School, Recency Training, Flight Reviews, and ROC-A certification. Each of these components is meticulously developed in accordance with Transport Canada's recommended procedures and standards, ensuring that your pilots remain well-informed and up-to-date with the latest operational guidelines.

Drone Response Team

Our Drone Response Team provides a specialized service that caters to various industry requirements. With certified pilots and advanced drone technology, our team is versatile and adaptable. We have expertise in delivering rapid response in critical situations like disaster management or emergency response, as well as offering reliable support to other sectors.

Thermal imagery of people in a field
Drone with thermal camera controlling the beginning of the fire


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We partner only with companies that we trust to deliver high-quality hardware and software. We also ensure that who we partner with benefits our clients in the best possible way. Our partners help us to provide a reliable and secure solution for your drone operations. Together, we strive to constantly improve and innovate in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

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